Sunday 6 September 2015

When I Receive a Package I... (ft Mark Cosmetics)

*Press sample

mark avon product fall releases swatches

...want to dive right in. A lot of bloggers will resist and wait until photos are taken but when I receive more than a few things in one package, my immediate impulse is to swatch all the things. 

I dividePR packages into two categories: the companies that 'auto' send the latest of the season, and the companies where I am allowed to choose one or two items to be delivered. Either way I'm fortune to have these relationship but when I receive an 'auto' delivered package I want to touch and feel and try everything all at once because there are so many to play with. The most recent package from Avon came with a number of Mark cosmetic items and I was quite pleased with a number of the releases.

Mark Nailed It Matte Trend Mini Nail Lacquer voilet riot

I often just swatch one finger when I receive a nail polish. The Mark Nailed It Matte Trend Mini Nail Lacquer ($9) contains two small bottles of matte formula. The shimmery (yet matte) Violet Riot purple is great! The turqoise Teal Appeal however fell flat and patchy when applied (sorry not photographed). It had a chalky appearance when dried. 

Lipclick Matte Full Color Lipsticks review swatch starlet siren vixen

 When I receive lipsticks, my arm instantly becomes a painting of lip colors. Mark has released Lipclick Matte Full Color Lipsticks* ($13) and these were amazingly comfortable and smooth when applied. It has a slight matte/satin finish and the color maintained itself through the day and a few light meals. These were really great and well worth a place in my stash (had I not already a million mattes). The shades are Siren (orange-red),  Starlet (fuchsia), and Vixen (deep berry).

 All Butter Now mark lip sticks review swatch mauvelous fired up terra hotta razzmatazz

The All Butter Now are quite moisturizing and go on less sheer than the Revlon lip butters. These have medium sheer color pay off. I wouldn't call them sheer since the mlbb shade pigmented my lips quite fully. The shades I received were Razzmatazz (berry), Mauvelous (purple-mauve), Fired Up (orange-red) and Terra Hotta (mlbb).

mark on the dot matte eye shadow compact review swatch

When I receive an eye shadow compact, the length of my arm often become stripped with shades. The Mark On the Dot Matte Eye Color compact ($18) was a little disappointing. The colors were stiff in the pan and some where chalky when swatched. When used on the lid, a few applications were needed to get color vibrancy and they didn't blend out quite as smoothly as I like.

When I receive items, its hard to maintain clean body parts and a clean workspace since I want to paint myself in all the shades. I often wait to take proper pictures before I "contaminate" the products but I only do so because I feel like readers want to see an untouched product. Really I wouldn't mind just showing you half swatched and slightly dipped eyeshadows if it means I can play around with them right away :P.

If you are a blogger, how do you dive into your press packages? As a reader, do you care about how swatched/dipped products are when you read a blog post?


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