Sunday 28 June 2015

PSA: There's Nothing Wrong about Having a Virgin (cocktail)

the body shop virgin mojito body scrub and body butter review

For those of you who want to get their 'drank on' without actually drinking, The Body Shop has released their Virgin Mojito line of body products. Raise your hand if alcohol and you aren't a match made in heaven. *Raises hand* Just me? As someone who suffers from low abilities to break down alcohol, and is generally frugal with money and calories, I don't often drink. 

Social drinking isn't something I'm used to and that fact has cut me out of more than a few social gatherings. I once expressed interest in joining a kareoke excursion but was slightly taken aback when I caught an under-the-breath "but you...don't drink". People often use the term "Let's go for drinks" as a substitute for "Let's spend time together"; getting comfortably tipsy (but not out of hand) is an indicator of a night well spent. But the social lubrication that alcohol provides usually makes me sleepy and supremely red-faced; I haven't ever experienced 'a buzz' or if I had, I haven't understood the appeal.

That's not to say that I'm demonizing the drink. A good gin and tonic every few months and a sip of wine maybe around Christmas is fine enough for me. There are so many flavors I'd like to experience though and the Mojito is one of them. I haven't had a real Mojito before and it was only recently that I took a few tentative sips of a Caesar (not a fan). Mojitos go along with summer BBQ scenes and if they're anything like the amazingly zesty lime and mint combination from The Body Shop, well, I think I can get on board and try half a glass.

The Virgin Mojito Scrub* ($22 CDN, 250ml) is a gel based scrub with soft gel based beads and is made with Fair Trade Honey from Ethiopia. It really didn't exfoliate that well since the beads were so soft and dispersed. I had to keep dipping my hand into the pot to get more product onto my skin. 
The Virgin Mojito Body Butter* ($20CDN, 200ml) is like the other Body Shop Body Butter formulas. Its the lighter weight formula of the butters and is made for normal skin. Both have an incredibly invigorating zesty scent and I don't' even like the word invigorating. The scent of these products have potentially inspired me to try a Mojito for realz but yea...let's make that a virgin.

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