Monday 2 February 2015

Koan #2: 2nd Blog Birthday/Reflections

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”- Buddha

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” Dalai Lama

My blog birthday was on Feb 2nd. In some ways I feel like I've been doing this for a long time but in others I feel like there's much to improve on and much to learn. This last year has been an amazing upgrade since the first and I wanted to reflect, say thanks and to express some other feelings I've been having about my blog. 


Joining the CBB has opened a million doors that I never thought I'd have access to.  I'm incredibly grateful to be in the group. The ladies have been a support network, and the outlet to gripe candidly and to care openly about the various aspects of blogging has been a boon.

The whole PR side of the blog has exploded this year! I have the CBB to attribute the press relationships I've developed this last year. These relationships have been both exciting (I never thought I'd go to press events and I absolutely love attending) but also a learning experience. While enjoying the process of cultivating these relationships, there were a few times when blogging became a little bit stressful.

I never really had specific goals for my blog aside from"write", "make friends" and "talk about beauty". But for a while, I had a goal of reaching 5,000 unique monthly viewers because a PR firm suggested that this was necessary in order to form a substantial relationship with them. I knew that the process of reaching that goal would entail a lot of work. But as I embarked on this process, I saw that it wasn't for me and it gave me unnecessary anxiety/stress. I know that a few other bloggers I've read have felt the same way about reaching other people's expectations. I've taken a few mental notes and am learning that it's ok to let some opportunities go. I'm also learning that not every opportunity will be a good fit.

Moving Forward

In this coming year of blogging, I'm going to endeavor to go at my own pace again. In general, a few things need resetting. For a few moments, I was sidelined into only considering blog numbers and business relationships as tangible success. I'll still keep an eye out for my blog stats *shrugs* but I'm not going to worry about them.

The interactions I have with my readers are the real enjoyment of my blogging life. I recognize your names and I love chatting with you on your blogs, on Twitter and in real life, so I hope you know that I'm really happy we're blog friends. I also feel like some of you are kindred spirits. You TOTALLY understand how I'm feeling about a new palette, about our hoarding behaviour, about what a pain bad lighting is etc.

This year, I also want to rein in my beauty habits. I have a lot of unopened things (so embarrassing!) which need attention, yet I'm always eying and coveting new releases (a universal beauty hoarder issue...). Half my brain thinks "this is nuts", the other crazier half thinks "ALL THE THINGS!!!" I know you feel me.

Ending Words
So with all the above said, I'd like to strive to be the namesake of my blog. A person who enjoys what she has, continues to develop meaningful relationships and is inspired to continue blogging.

It still blows my mind when people say they read my blog. I almost don't believe them. When people say they read the entire post...hahahah you've got to be joking.  But when I make a new friend because of my blog, well...that's the jackpot right there. THANK YOU SO MUCH if you are even remotely any of these people. My little blog would still exist without you but I swear my life would not be as fun as I pathetically tap out words just for myself. Two years have passed...let's hope that there are at least two years more.

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