Friday 13 February 2015

Favorite Body Shop Body Butters

Favorite Body Shop Body Butters

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Much like turkeys and that creepy skin/face lady from Dr Who, I will baste myself in moisturizer daily. Opening jars of body butter gives me a needed sweet hit of scent as if I were a junkie in withdrawal. Smothering my skin in lotion gives me the “aahhhhhh” sensation of an addict getting high. If I could sniff this stuff, I would. I’m pretty sure I would inject this shiz straight into my blood stream to keep my skin perma-plump, you know, if it weren’t such a life threatening, embolismic idea. 

The Body Shop is an easy favorite for body butter buying. Frequent deals and an amazing scent selection make it easy to extend your arm and sweep everything into your basket as you walk through the store. From one addict to another, here are a list of my favorite body butter scents at The Body Shop. 

 Favorite Body Shop Body Butter Scents: 
 1) Brazil Nut – so obsessed with this scent which reminds me of coffee and chocolate. I’ve used about 5 tubs of this stuff. I hope they bring it back since they're discontinuing it.
2) Glazed Apple – new this last Christmas, a great bright apple scent.
 3) Pink Grapefruit – bright and citrusy 
 4) Almond – which reminds me of the warm Asian almond milk drink. 
5) Coconut – a surprise hit since I thought this would remind me of gross children’s sunscreen but I’m actually enjoy it more and more. 

 There are generally two consistencies for the Body Butters. Some, like Brazil Nut, Almond and Coconut are thicker than others, Others, like Pink Grapefruit and Glaze Apple, are more creamy.  I prefer the super thick ones in general but will mostly buy based on scent.

Anyways, give some of these a whiff next time you’re in the stores, I dare you not to be drawn in to at least one.

Do you buy these based on consistency or scent?

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