Saturday 31 May 2014

Skinenvy Sugar and Beeswax Face and Bikini Strip*

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Skinenvy sugar and beeswax face and bikini wax strips review

Look, we're all a bit ugly.
You know it. I know it. 
We can't do much to cover up our inner ugliness, BUT we can massage our egos by ridding ourselves of external ugliness (which admittedly is never as ugly as some of our inner selves, let's get our priorities straight) and face fuzz is definitely one thing worth getting rid of. 

Though attractive on men, the bearded look does not translate well for women and hair on the upper lip is one thing that can make me feel a bit ugo. Whether witnessed on others, or on myself, I just want to get rid of it. Plucking works but there are days when I've forgotten and seeing that a sparse 'stash that only an Asian can create makes me go 'Woah...that's no good".

Skinenvy sugar and beeswax face and bikini wax strips review

A $10 waxing trip is more than I'm willing to spend for a consistently bare upper lip. Thankfully Skinenvy Sugar and Beeswax are shaped especially for face and bikini with16 strips in each box. I prefer a lot less 'hair down there' but I don't trust myself to tear (yes tear) the strips strongly enough away from my privates to really get it all gone. Since some areas involve more contortion than my body can currently handle, I'd much rather leave my bikini and brazilian needs to the wax expert and have used these strips for my face instead.

These are an easy solution to hair-woes with results lasting a longer than tweezing (it promises 6 weeks). Writing rubs off when you apply them but there's nothing else wrong with these. A cleansing cloth removes leftover wax and the same strip can be reused a few times. Two strips were used for my upper lip, around the mouth, and chin area. Uber tiny baby hairs were left over (but no wax job ever gets those) so tweezing afterwards might still be necessary. It didn't tear my skin (except one spot which I kept going over and over, my fault) and no reactions occurred after use.

Frankly, I'm quite happy I got these to try. I've tried home waxing strips on my legs before and I couldn't commit to inflicting pain on myself. The "ouch" from using these on my upper lip was quite bearable and the process is quick and more efficient than tweezing each hair. 

Have you waxed? By yourself? By an expert?

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