Tuesday 23 July 2013

Lipbalm Stash

Since I've been doing my lipstick challenge, I've also started noticing how many lipbalms I have opened current and thought I'd do a little post on those.

blistex medicated ointment lipbalm lip balm eos nivea hydrocare
I tend to have somewhat dry lips all throughout the year partially because I don't have a good habit of drinking enough water. Usually I have a few different lipbalms opened which suit various degrees of dryness and I always try and use one with some SPF in it.

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm
 I used to purchase this one religiously. They have a few 'flavours' (?) out like berry and mint for this variation of their product and I have no real preference for one in particular. This balm has SPF 15 and is good for everyday when your lips aren't in need of any special attention.

Blistex Lip Medex
I swear by this stuff and the lip ointment. It's a heavy duty lip balm which relieves sore lips, and has an external analgesic in it (it numbs the lips). It has a minty feeling which isn't plumping but feels soothing on the lips especially when my lips are seriously chapped. I use this most in the winter and have bought both the tube and tube versions. I never share lipbalm so having it in a tub doesn't really bother me.

EOS lipbalm
So everyone and their mom probably has heard of the EOS lipbalms. They come in this spherical shape which I think adds to their marketing appeal. Honestly, I don't care for these at all and didn't bother to jump on the bandwagon until I saw a 4-pack at Costco which my friend wanted to split. I've only used the one in Sweet Mint so far but it's not particularly moisturizing and doesn't have any SPF in it. It's suppose to provide long lasting smoothness but I don't think it does this particularly well. Am underwhelmed.

Nivea Hydrocare
This product has water and aloe vera in its ingredients which is suppose to help moisturize your lips. I bought this because I didn't have any lipbalm on me one day and it was the only one on sale. I've tried some other Nivea lipbalms before but in general I find that they sit heavily on the lips. I feel like there's a film on my lips which isn't very pleasant. 

Blistex Medicated Ointment
As mentioned before, I swear by this stuff and the Lip Medex. The Lip Medex I'll use everyday but on those few occasions when my lips are seriously sun burned, chapped, or having an allergic reaction (I'll spare you the gross details about how all of that looks) I really need something soothing which will fix my lips fast and this stuff delivers. It's my emergency lip situation cure all and it works quickly enough to soothe whatever ailment my lips are going through. I always have one on had.

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty devoted to the Blistex brand. I find that their medicated lines really work for me and haven't had much reason to veer away from them. There's always something new and interested in the lipbalm aisle, new 'flavours' (seriously though..flavors? do we say flavours? we don't really eat these..scents maybe?), new formulas, new packaging, but you can be sure that I'll always have a Lip Medex on hand.

Are you a lipbalm hoarder like I am? How many have you got going currently?

Audible Zen: I think in every post, I'll include a little dose of zen (of maybe non-zen, depending on the link). Just something to add an extra point of interest or maybe a note about what's going on in my day. For today's zen, here's Telepopmusik's Breathe which I always use in cases of stress.


  1. I'm a hoarder. I have one in each bag I normally use. but I go through lipbalms relatively quickly so it's not a big issue. I have the same issue with EOS. I don't find it as good as people claim it is. I love the lip balm from nuxe. It's my current favorite. It's moisturizing and cheaper than the Fresh lipbalm

    1. nuxe? will have to try that. dont think i've seen it before. wait maybe at shoppers?

    2. Yes, it's at Shoppers!

      The eos lipbalms are all for show I've come to realize. You have to reapply almost every 30 minutes!