Sunday, 17 March 2013

Google Reader or A Short Lesson on the Briefing Note

Google reader is going away as of July 1st, 2013

As a blog aggregator, Google Reader has kept favorite internet reads easily located in one place. Since its introduction in 2005, it has seen varying success. Initial popularity was strong but declining usage has resulted in Google's decision to dismantle the service.

Key Considerations: 
Readers may question how best to proceed in following the plethora of blogs that distract their day. Confusion may abound as readers attempt to add all such blogs into their bookmarks with major internet slowdowns when bookmarks are opened all at once. Frustration and tears may ensue over the loss of hard earned blog statics as readers haphazardly reach for the random blog aggregators only to find that a blogger is not affiliated.

It is best that recommendations help smooth this transition period as social unrest may occur. Large numbers of blog readers may expression befuddlement over what to do as they try and recall the URLs of their favorite blogs. Lost of access to blogs may also result in retail sales plummeting in the current quarter. We're just coming out of a recession guys. This is serious.

1) Keep up to date via Bloglovin or HelloCotton. Might it be suggested that following "A Beautiful Zen" is a marvelous idea. (Not so subtle hint that follow buttons are on the right sidebar.)

2) Following via Instagram if you're just in it for the photos (there's nothing wrong with that). "abeautifulzen" has some lovely random semi-daily pics.

3) Status Quo: do nothing.

Options 1 and maybe 2. This two-phased option will result in maximum gains in utility. Implementation is simple and should be immediate.

Just a bit of fun :)
 Slight update: writing my thesis has been nothing short of wringing water from rocks. Does everyone experience this problem? Most likely. Props to you if you actually read this. Hope you had a chuckle. Sorry if the only people that found this amusing are my other policy minded buddies  as this is a possibility :{P 


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