Monday 22 February 2016

Make Up Collection and Evaluation Part II: Inventory Facts

makeup collection

As mentioned in my Make Up Collection and Evaluation video, I'm hoping to purge and decrease my stash this year and I'm going to be methodical about it.

As an an addendum to that video, I'm airing my makeup dirty laundry to embarrass myself into compliance with my goals and to set a benchmark for where I've begun.

make up inventory spreadsheet

 In December I worked for 5 flippin' days to create my inventory spreadsheet. Nothing breathes exasperation more than excel formulas that don't work.

There is a sheet each for Color Cosmetics, Skincare (not actually used), Nails/Lashes/Perfumes, Tools and Others. Each sheet is roughly headed with Product Type, Brand, Product Name, Color, Acquisition (PR, purchased, gifted etc.), Date Acquired, Date Removed, Reasons Removed and Number of Products (for items that contain multiple shades like palettes).

Here are some facts about the current state of the union:

lipstick holder for vanity

I have 115 lip products (71 are lipsticks). 46% are PR samples.
It takes about 3 months of daily use to finish a lipstick.
I will finish my stash in 213 months, or 17.75 years. I will be almost 46 when I finish them, 46!!!

Coastal Scents Go Palette (Beijing)

I have 26 palettes, which involve 274 shadows. The BH Cosmetics Day and Night Palette with 60 very small shadows skews my shadow count. In total, between all the single and palette shadows, I have 424 shadows, 65% of which sit in palettes. This is ridiculous...

Of face products, I have a lot of single blush (34) but very few bronzers (3). I do have more highlighters (7) than bronzers though.

Most and Least:
PR samples: The category with the least percentage of PR samples is, broadly, Eyes (24%), more specifically, liners (17%) and eyeshadows (21%). The category with the highest percentage of PR samples is nails where 69% of my nail collection (of 101 polishes, coats and effects) are from PR. Both makes sense. I love shadows; I tend to buy my own. I use polish so infrequently, I almost never buy bottles (so why am I keeping 101 bottles? I have no idea...)

Face Area: Of Eyes, Lips and Face, my collection is very Eye heavy (523 individual colors), followed by Face (120 individual colors) and then Lips (115 individual colors).

Overall: I have an embarrassing 1009 individual shades of cosmetics and cosmetic tools broken into 699 items. 81 of these are tools and 40 these are related to perfumes ranging from sample vials to full sized bottles. Between eyes, lips and face, there are 758 individual cosmetic items.


As I type this, I've already decreased the above numbers by another 20 (small steps) items or so and I'm gonna keep on going because honestly, I would like less stuff in my life. The goal isn't to give everything away but instead to really condense my collection into things I will love and use all the time.

Ok so there you go. Let the ridiculing begin. I CAN TAKE IT. 

Part I: Make Up Collection and Evaluation Video


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