Saturday, 20 February 2016

The New Gloss in Town (ft. Dior Ultra-Gloss in Ultradior, Everdior, Mirrored, and Fancy)*

*press samples

Dior Ultra-Gloss in Ultradior, Everdior, Mirrored, and Fancy

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Bal D'été was the first gloss I fell in love with. I wore that orange shade all through summer and spring; it was perfect with only brows and brown liner. The shade got extra points when a friend commented on how beautiful it looked . That shade was my entry way into Dior and into lip glosses generally. There was something about that light orange that was so special and I don't think I've fallen as instantly in love with a gloss as much as I have with Bal.

Gloss isn't my favorite thing to wear. Shades can be too glittery and create unattractive frostiness. Color can settle into lip lines. Formulas can be too sticky. It takes a lot for a gloss to work and Dior has just relaunched their gloss line with the Ultra-Gloss*($42CDN, 6.5ml) that is supposed to give sensational volume and shine with a non-sticky finish. This new launch in March is supposed to be a new breed of gloss.

Dior Ultra-Gloss

The Ultra-Gloss ($42CDN, 6.5ml) is filled with hyaluronic acid spheres which plump and shape the lips, creating a volumized effect. Dior has used "mirror-shine stretch oils" to allow for smooth glide in a featherweight film for a high gloss effect. The description of the old formula isn't that different; "mirror Shine Complex with polarized crystalline micro-spheres that adjust the reflection of light. The gel lipcare formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, plumps and moisturizes lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect". I would say the new formula has a bit more substance and isn't as thin.

The shades come in three finishes: iridescent (color and effect shifts in the light), sparkling (pearly shimmer), and watery (syrupy varnish) in 18 shades. I received Mirrored, Everdior, Fancy and UltraDior. 

Dior Ultra-Gloss in Ultradior, Everdior, Mirrored, and Fancy swatches

Dior Ultra-Gloss in Mirrored

Though there looks like a lot of sparkly, Mirrored is relatively tame. Its a great nude lip gloss shade.

Dior Ultra-Gloss in Everdior

Everdior is pretty peachy-pink.

Dior Ultra-Gloss in fancy

Fancy gives off such an amazing sparkle and that slight frosty finish I don't enjoy. I really like the base raspberry color though.

Dior Ultra-Gloss in Ultradior

Ultra-Dior is really juicy in person. The color looks sheer in the photo but that's actually just light bouncing off the formula! It is SO glossy! Its saturated yet there's that gel translucency that is characteristic of gloss and is a great feminine soft pink.

I've been wearing Mirrored and UltraDior the most since I got these. For gloss, they hold up as you would expect but actually did well through a meal. The formula isn't ever drying, feels moisturizing (like a lip oil) and isn't sticky. My lips do look more plump, thankfully without a plumping agent, and the shine on these is intense! Overall, I really like these! They have a nice slip and the color are bold and saturated. 

If you pick up the colors in Ultradior, Cosmic or Cruise, there are also matching Dior Addict Lipsticks and Dior Vernis shades. 

If you're a gloss fan, these are definitely worth picking up! If you're not, these might convert you.

What's your favorite gloss formula and why?


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