Monday 15 February 2016

Clean is Getting Sophisticated (ft. Amber Saffron and Smoked Vetiver)!

*Press samples

Clean Reserve Amber Saffron and Smoked Vetiver

I am increasingly interested in fragrances and Clean has done something that really grabbed my attention with the new Clean Reserve* ($125CDN/100ml) line. The brand has always created simple and eco-conscious fragrances but now they have developed nine noticeably more mature and unique fragrances that are more sophisticated and luxurious than their previous scents. Not only are the bottles beautifully designed by each aspect of the product, from packaging to the ingredients, keeps in mind eco-consciousness and sustainability. When I saw these online, I was curious to see how Clean had upped their game, and honestly, they really have (and jeebus, these really smell amazing).

The Clean Reserve line blends raw, sustainable ingredients with luxurious craftsmanship and is housed in 100% recyclable glass bottles and paper packaging. The wood patterned box was immediately impressive and even before I read the press information, I could see how recyclable everything was. The description clearly informs you about the scent and offers pairing suggestions with the rest of the line. This informative approach is rare and something I appreciate since I always have to search up notes and family info on Fragrantica.

Clean Reserve Amber Saffron

Amber Saffron is a floral oriental which blends florals, musks, amber and saffron. It contrasts fresh and spicy and was inspired by the seductive tension that comes from what's desired and what's forbidden. The creator comments, "I am captured by the allure of something that I never smelled. A forbidden ecstasy, a ménage a Trois of Artemisia, succulent bergamot and wild berries that heighten my curiosity."

Top Notes: Bergamot, Artemisia, Mandarin Oil
Middle Notes: Rose, Lily, Raspberry
Base Notes: Musk, Saffron, Amber

There is something quite juicy about this scent that isn't juvenile or too 'fresh/spring'. I can smell the raspberries and the addition of musks makes this less bouncy and bright and more sophisticated. It lasts well through the day but has moderate sillage.

Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver

Smoked Vetiver is a woody aromatic which has a heart of soft woods and is surrounded by earthy and citrusy notes. Though it is unisex it is the most masculine in the Reserve line and is inspired by the remarkable experiences in life that leave a lasting impression. The creator describes it quite poetically "The fragrance embodies the moment of standing at the edge of the rainforest waterfall, watching the water beat down hundreds of feet onto volcanic rock."
Top Notes: Verbena, Bamboo Leaf, Bergamot Oil, Quince Pear
Middle Notes: Blonde Cedarwood, Cotton Peony, Wild Moss
Base Notes: Gold Amber, Soft Musks, Vetiver, Clean Woods, Myrrh

When sprayed, I smell softened lemon mellowed by cotton. There is a clean sheets smell that leans slightly masculine but not too masculine that I don't want to wear it. This again lasted well through the day and had low sillage.

I don't usually share PR product images but seriously...I had to this time.

Ingredients for Amber Saffron
Ingredients for Smoked Vetiver
Clean Reserve Amber Saffron and Smoked Vetiver

The other scents are entitled Sueded Oud, Terra Woods, Warm Cotton, Velvet Flora, Blonde Rose, Rain, and Skin.

I suggest you go into a Sephora and give them all a whiff.


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