Tuesday 4 August 2015

Trials with Dermalogica

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I am happily and excitedly working my way through the Dermalogica range. With their incredibly extensive and thought out skincare lines, it's hard to even know where to being and that's when their deluxe travel sizes are the bomb.

I've gotten these small versions by buying them, as GWP or as samples. These five were with me in Toronto but there are a handful of other ones I've come back to in Vancouver. I'll try and do a post on those when I can.  So along with showing this picture of cute mini things. Here are some mini reviews of these products!

Daily Microfolient: I thought this was a scrub, and it is, but when mixed with water, it dissolves into a smooth paste that deep cleans and gives a little bit of scrubbiness. Not harsh at all and the texture is really neat on the face. Quite like this one.

Multi-active Toner: This is meant to be a lightweight multipurpose toner which refreshes, hydrates and tones. I didn't find anything too exciting or note worthy about this.

Skin Hydrating Masque: This almost serum/gel like masque applies on and dries down to a non-sticky finish. After 10-15mins on the face, I rinse it off . One small squeeze coats all of my face and neck which is a lot less than most clay or cream masks I've tried. I like this because it specifically targets dehydrated, as opposed to just plain dry, skin. My skin always feel super soft after using it.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant: This pinky colored cream is thinly applied and left on the skin for 10-15 mins before washing It warns that there may be redness and tingling and contains Lactic and Hydroxy Acids. I felt some very mild tingling and it does smooth out your skin. Its less intense than a peel and does a good job. Not blown away but a solid product.

Skin Hydration Booster: This little bottle has lasted me a long time and I've spoken about it before. The thin serum might not look like it will do much but it has gotten rid of rough patches and hydrated my skin in surprisingly efficient ways. I never even need to slather it on either! Just the tiniest drop patted over my face before moisturizer does wonders.

Have you purchased trial sizes before?

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