Monday, 10 August 2015

The Best Baker in Toronto? Missing Alli's Fresh Baked Goods

There are a few things I miss in Toronto and unsurprisingly some of these are edible items. While browsing through some photos, I felt the sharp pangs of longing from missing one of my absolute favorite bakers in Toronto. She can only be found at farmer markets and my occasional trips to the Sorauren Farmer's Market in Toronto always involved a mandatory stop at her booth.

The market runs every Monday from 3pm-7pm (rain, shine, or snow). In the winter, the market is held inside the field house but tents are set up outside and in the square during the spring and summer. There are the usual suspects of vegetable/fruit farmers, bakers, and small catering companies. You will also find farmers selling grass raised beef or pork. 

I had a small section of favorites at the market. Kind Organics was prefect for salad greens and was the most economical place to satisfy my recent discovery and need for sunflower sprouts. For ready to eat foods, the salad wraps, black bean burgers and buckwheat pizzas from Earth + City were just amazingly delicious.

But the real star of the show and a complete show stopper at that, is Alli's Fresh Baked Goods.

Alli is simply amazing. This past middle-aged, probably senior, baker is so popular, her breads sell out before market close and she has a consistent string of repeat customer. Her humble, down-to-earth attitude maked her that much more appealing.

Jenn: What's the name of your bakery?
Alli: This is Alli's Fresh Baked Goods. Hi. I'm Alli.

Jenn: What are these things? (Points randomly)
Alli: Oh. I dont know, little potato things with veggies (or) wrapped up things with salad and mango (or) Potato Bread. I think this time I put some herbs in it.

She talks about her food as if they've just sprung from her home, as if they're not big deal and not anything you couldn't do yourself.

I've tried more than a few things now and despite her attempts to downplay her food, they are phenomenal and each knobby homely item, from muffin to savory bread, is made with some health in mind. She is so amazingly rustic, she doesn't even have a website and barely has a facebook page.

My last purchases from the Sorauren Market before I departed to Vancouver included Alli's Herb Loaf, Potato Biscuit and Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie. I also bought a pack of cracker from some other vendor.

If you have an opportunity to hit up a farmer's market in Toronto, do your best to check Alli's out. She usually goes to ones at Dufferin Grove and Sorauren. I assure you, you will not be disappointed and I'm very much regretting not trying more of her breads and other savoury items.


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