Friday 28 August 2015

Tomato Season Salad

August is tomato season and you don't know tomatoes until you've eaten them at their peak of perfection. Nothing like those hardened bland tennis balls you find in the grocery store during winter, the summer tomato is sweet, juicy and savory. Depending on which variety you get they can taste like different kinds of citrus or melons and finding the nearly 20 varieties at our local farmers market on a Saturday made David and I salivate for an easy Tomato Salad.

Ingredients are simple:
- Tomatoes (here we chose a handful of heirloom varieties, 
yes they actually exist in all those colors)
- Celery
- Red Onion
- Basil
- Salt, Pepper
- Olive Oil
- Balsamic Vinegar

Just chop things up and mix together! Proportion the veggies as you prefer but of course make the tomatoes the highlight. We don't often measure salt, pepper, oil or vinegar. Usually we just sprinkle and toss everything in. 

At the end of it, you should have yourself an amazingly easy, tangy and sweet tomato salad. Add in whatever veggies you like. Sometimes we use mint instead of basil. Sometimes we add in spring mix greens. Sometimes we add in carrots. Either way, get out there and get some tomatoes! Even the most tomato-fearful will be won over.



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