Thursday, 6 August 2015

Glasses and Makeup - Trial and Error

My first forays into makeup research focused on how to wear makeup with glasses. I felt like there needed to be some special consideration for my blind plight but in hind sight (ha), a lot of time was wasted on this pursuit. The internet and youtube gave me a plethora of tips but now that I have accumulated three different pairs of glasses, I've learned that these one-size-fits-all lists of 'what to dos' don't always work and that each pair of glasses comes with it own set of challenges.

glasses and makeup

Here is a basic face of makeup. There are a few colors on my lids, I've put on some blush and have left my lips bare. Usually I only 'color in' two out of the three face regions since doing up all three is just more makeup than I'm comfortable with.  This look gives off a completely different vibe depending on which pair of frames I chose to wear that day.

My old stand by is Oakley's Plank (which I absolutely love for its wood panel detail on the sides and two silver grommet detail on the front). I never worry about where I apply make up or what colors to use since this pair is so classic, doesn't cast a shadow under my eyes, and doesn't weirdly occluded parts of my face.

My second pair is the Ray Ban Club Masters. Same face but eye looks, especially cat eyes work amazingly with this frame but I have to avoid wearing blush when I don the pair. The roundness at the bottom of the frames hits the blush region too awkwardly and it just never seems to work out right no matter the color or placement. This pair seems to cast more shadows below my eyes than the Oakley's. The best look with this pair is a strong cat eye and a really bold lip.

I haven't worn this third pair from Firmoo that often (since the lenses aren't quite right) but from the photos I took for this post, I can tell that this is not a pair of glasses to use with lots of eyeshadows. Look how bug eyed I appear. Somehow the two-toned frame makes for a goggle like appearance which does weird things to my eyeshadow. I'm thinking this is a blush and lips only type deal.


Same face, three different results from glasses, something that no cookie-cutter list of 'how to wear makeup with glasses' could have really prepared me for. As with all things, trial and error produces the best results and I've learned to get comfortable with the makeup limitations each pair of glasses produces. When I don clothes now, it tend to match in the order of outfit --> glasses--> then makeup, which can be limiting if I suddenly have the compulsion to do fantastic things on my cheeks or eyes but we can't have it all can we.

Have you learned anything about wearing makeup with glasses?

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