Tuesday 22 April 2014

Pacifica Solid Perfumes*: Island Vanilla and Hawaiian Ruby Guava

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Pacifica Solid Perfumes:Island Vanilla and Hawaiian Ruby Guava  review

If you're into the "good for you" brands, Pacifica is definitely one to check out. My first encounter with them was via the many (now 18!) perfumes that they have. I highly recommend giving those a sniff when you spot them. They come in roller ball, bottles and solids!

Pacifica Solid Perfumes:Island Vanilla and Hawaiian Ruby Guava

The solid perfume formula is made withouth phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, GMOS, triclosans, propylene gylcol, petroleum. The brand 100% vegan and cruelty free. They solids comprise of organic soy and coconut wax with perfume blends of essential and natural oils.

Hawaiian Ruby Guava is a tropical fruity scent with a top note of pomelo, middle note of guava and base note of coconut. You really get a nicely sweet but subtly bright citrus here. Island Vanilla an oriental vanilla with notes of jasmine, vanilla, tea and honey. This brings a nice vanilla that's fresh and soothing. 

Pacifica Solid Perfumes:Island Vanilla and Hawaiian Ruby Guava

Since these are solids, silage is low (the scents sit close to the skin). The solid melts easily when I put my fingers into the jar. I dab these onto my inside writs and behind my ears. The scent does last the day but fades. They actually make a great base for spray perfumes of similar notes and help to increase those perfume's longevity and boost up certain notes. Since practically all my perfumes either have a citrus or vanilla note, these two solids are perfect for this purpose. The small size is great for on the go.

At $9, I would recommend these. The Pacifica scents are really quite awesome and I really would love to own them all if that weren't so excessive. The solids perform well and work wonderfully as a base or by themselves for something more subtle.

Do you use solid perfumes?

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