Saturday 26 April 2014

Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Deodorant* (or Adventures in Natural Deodorants)

*Press sample

Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Deodorant review

Since my little "to be or not to be" conundrum surround natural products, I've been open to pushing the boundaries of my man-made-product dependency. I've been curious about making the switch to aluminum and paraben free deodorants except the fear of excessive sweating and strong odours have help me back. Thankfully, Desert Essence gave me a gentle shove by sending this deodorant my way.

This product ($6.25 at Whole Foods) promises to provide long-lasting protection against odor without irritating sensitive skin. The Lemon Tea Tree scent is characterized as crisp and invigorating. This product is free of 1,2 propylene glycol and aluminum and is an NPA certified line of natural stick deodorants. 

Keep in mind that aluminum is the main ingredient deodorants use to prevent sweating. Since this product doesn't have aluminum, heavy sweaters (of the human, and not woollen variety) might want to avoid this if they don't want damp circles under their arms. Not singling this particular product out, this fact will be true of all non-aluminum deodorants. So yes, my underarms did get slightly damp. If you don't sweat a lot generally, this might be tolerable for you.

Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Deodorant review

Application wasn't entirely pleasant. The product is really tacky when you apply it and putting on clothes right away leaves a slightly sticky feeling under the arms. In addition, one coat wasn't really good enough to ward off the smellies for the whole day. I usually use two coats with a bit of drying period between application and clothing wearing but it doesn't always work.

For my first foray into non-aluminum  deodorants, this was as I expected and confirmed some of my suspicions. I might have to give up being completely damp-free if I go the natural non-aluminum root and I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to do that. As far as scent goes, maybe a different scent from the Desert Essence line would have worked better. I don't think the Lemon Tea Tree scent mixed well with my body chemistry. 

In general, I don't use this on days I go to the gym and only reach for it on light activity days.

Have you tried a good aluminium deodorant? Or any 'natural' deodorants? 

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