Tuesday 15 April 2014

Brightening up!

products for brightening skin

As far as skincare goes, though there are still some nagging skin issues, I've pretty much moved up the hierarchy of Maslow's Skincare Needs. The basic cleanse-tone-moisturize stages have more or less been fulfilled and now I'm searching for full skin-actualization.

Recently I've been dabbling in skin brightening. Though I think it's a bit of unrealistic, I secretly harbour dreams of having flawless, scar free, brightened "Snow White" skin. I know! Shameful. I may as well have admitted to secretly enjoying traipsing around my suite sans clothing (wait... you don't?).

To reach this goal, I'm taking a defensive and offensive approach. I've never (ever) worn sunscreen daily and only reached for it in the summer if I'm going out for a good length of time. But having seen how Kate the Driveller succeed in her anti-pigmentation routine, I knew that I had to start wearing sunscreen daily so I reached for Lancome's Bienfait Multi-Vital spf 30. Half the reason I don't wear screens are the horrible allergic rashes I can get which take weeks to heal. But my skin didn't react to this which was pleasantly surprising (and a relief). Though it still has the thick texture of a sunscreen, it isn't too thick and sits on the skin well enough without feeling heavy.

I'm also trying out a sample of Guerlain's BLANC de Perle PEARL Drops as a serum. To round out the routine, I'm using C+M Papaya Deep Moisturizing Gel at night. This smells like fruit punch and has such a light, yet substantial, watery gel texture. Its quite moisturizing and very soothing when I apply it.

Honestly, I am awful at noticing changes in color to my skin. I just realized (after years) that the tops of my cheeks are really red and sensitive as compared to the other parts of my face. So, I have yet to notice a substantial difference from these products but things do seem to be evening out slowly. To be fair, I've only started recently and it took Kate about a year or so to reduce her acne pigmentation. Well, slow and steady. Here's to hoping for brighter skin!

What are your skin hierarchy needs? Have you transcended past the basics onto spot treatments and fancy products? Share the goods (or the bads...whichever)

Daily Zen: Not at all surprised by the conclusions of this article. As Michael Pollan said, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

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