Tuesday 1 October 2013

Vedette Cocoa Clay Facial Mask

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I've always heard that clay masks are good for purifying the skin so when I saw these at the duty free in Vietnam I decided to pick one up. At $0.50CDN each, you really can't go wrong! (Sort of sad I didn't pick up more.)

vedette cocoa clay facial mask review vietnam

vedette cocoa clay facial mask review vietnam

This clay mask is from the Vietnamese brand Vedette. The packing is so great! There's a lot of easily accessible information right away which helps picking the right mask very straightforward. This Cocoa Clay Mask is perfect for oily combination skin. It is suppose to balance and repair skin, shrink pores and help remove blackheads. 

After cleansing you apply the product and relax for 18-20mins. There was a lot of product in this package, enough to really slather a good layer onto my face and neck. The clay was very creamy and it had a pleasant scent.

When the mask has hardened a little, you can wash it off with water. After washing, my face felt clean and fresh. It also felt soft and didn't have any tightness. I really wish I had bought more of these. For the price, and in general, this was a wonderful product!

Have you fallen in love with a foreign product but was never able to get more?

Edible Zen: I've seriously been craving Chinese Claypot rice with chicken and lapcheong for a while now. If only I owned a claypot! Well...my boyfriend does..I've already stolen his cast iron skillet...not sure he'll let me take the claypot to Toronto too lol.


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