Thursday 31 October 2013

The Halloween Tag

Thank you to Nikki at Fairest Favorites and Val at Making It Sparkle for tagging me for the Halloween Tag! Halloween isn't my favorite event but there are a lot of fun things that happen around this time. Plus, I also like the postive externality of having extra candy to eat when I don't hand all of it out. 

What's your favorite Halloween Movie?
Umm....I don't really enjoy or make a point to watch scary movies because I'm wimp about scary movies. I once told the BF that since I hadn't seen most of the teen 90's scary movies we should watch them all. I was a little bit frightened by cheesy things like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Scream" (until it got sort of ridiculous). I do enjoy thrillers and action/suspense movies though and I'm not afraid of violent or bloody scenes. There's just something more sinister about the supernatural that I do not enjoy.

What was your favorite costume?
I needed something in a pinch so I bought some big leave compost bag and made a pretty awesome Paper Bag Princess costume. Super affordable and really fun to make. I had to cut myself out of my costume at the end of the night though.

Do you like haunted houses?
No not really. I think I might either run screaming or punch the person who scared me....

What's your favorite candy?
Hands down, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and all its variations. I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. Match made in heaven!

Do you decorate for Halloween?
No I don't but if I had my own place I might. I remember the best places to trick or treat at where the houses the owner really got into the spirit of Halloween. There was a house that I always went to each year and I would always look forward to figuring out what the owner would dress us as and how he would decorate the house that year.

Do you still dress up? What will it be this year?
This year, I get to spend Halloween in Vancouver so I don't relaly have any plans since I'm a bit out of touch with people and events going on there. I don't dress up for halloween unless I'm going to a related event. So I guess no is the answer.

What is a Halloween Candy you can't stand?
What's your favorite Halloween memory?
Ever year I would do the same circuit of houses to trick or treat at. I would start in my neighbourhood, then drive to my cousin's and do theirs. Then we'd all drive to a family friends house and do their neighbourhood and finally we would set up some firecrackers. That was THE BEST. I basically hit up three neighbourhoods worth of candy. When we got indoors, we would swap our loot to try and get more of what we liked.

What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween?
Nothing really...maybe the Adams Family theme?

Would you rather trick or treat?
HA! Treat. Obviously.

Candy Corn - Take it or leave it?
I...don't think I've ever had candy corn...

If a black cat crosses your path, what do you do?
Keep walking? I'm not superstitious.

Do you carve pumpkins?
Yes, sometimes. I made a pretty awesome one of Jack Skeleton one year.

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating?
I don't really recall but I was pretty done with it once high school hit.

Festive Nail Art?
I'm awful about doing my nails. More often then not, my nails are not painted even though I have so many bottles of nail polish. I really enjoy the nail art that Jayne does though!

For me, Halloween isn't really a thing. I imagine that I'd get more into it once I have some kids and can take part in their excitement or when I have a permanent place to live so that I can hand out some candy. I do enjoy seeing what everyone will dress up.

I tag you!


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