Saturday 5 October 2013

Marcelle Cream to Powder BB Cream

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

Finally! The last of my Marcelle alphabet creams is up on the blog! This one had been siting on the 'to be posted' list for a long time!

marcelle cream to powder bb cream compact review swatch cc dd comparison

marcelle cream to powder bb cream compact review swatch cc dd comparison

The Marcelle BB Cream-to-Powder skin enhancer compact is a cream to powder product which claims to have self-adjusting pigments, powerful antioxidants and photoluminescent diamond core complex. These help even out skin tone, hydrate, protect, regenerate, control shine, sooth, correct and bright then skin (8-in-1 benefits).  It can be worn along or over BB Cream for more coverage. 

marcelle cream to powder bb cream compact review swatch cc dd comparison

marcelle cream to powder bb cream compact review swatch cc dd comparison

Color and Coverage:
The shade light to medium suits my winter skin the best but did not have quite enough yellow in it. I would say this leans neutral to slightly pink. During the summer time I felt it was a little too light. Not a deal breaker here color-wise. I thought it actually looked really nice on and helped neutralize some of my redness.

As you rub the pan, the consistency is very creamy. The coverage can begin light and you may be able to get two layers on if you let the product set between application. Though the product says cream to powder, I never really got a powder finish after dry down. Satin finish would be a better description and it did not have the tacky finish of the CC and DD cream (reviewed here and here).

The product comes with a sponge but I felt that the sponge absorbed a lot of the product and didn't really distribute it on my face very well.  This could be due to the main ingredient being a silicone which gives the product a lot of slip. The best way to use the sponge is the dab and roll method. Dragging the sponge across your face will not yield much coverage.

The best way of applying this was with my fingers. I rubbed my fingers into the compact and dotted product around my face. Then I smoothed it out with my hands. Using a brush also seemed to push it around my face so if you're going for something with heavy coverage you may not be able to really pack this on. 

When you first apply this product, I notice that it clings to ever microcrack or line in my skin. I couldn't really get it to smooth out but as it dried down and as the day progress it looked a lot better. I'm not entire sure how to explain it nor do I know how it managed to perform in that way. It sounds a lot worse than it is but I would only avoid this if you have major dry flakes. 

On its own, this wore 4 hours before I started getting shiny. This is normal for me. It performed a little better with the Ponds Magic Powder and with primer underneath. No major breakthroughs in reducing oil but like I said, as it wore through the day, and combined with my skins oil, it actually looked better. 

When I look for a foundation I look for wear, color and oil control. 
To be honest, I'm a bit on the fence about this one. I was surprised by how well it wore during the day. It's rare for a product to get better on the face as the day goes on. It worked well with the natural amount of oil my skin produced. I think the $22.95 price is not bad and I think I would pick this up again if I ever saw it on sale. However, I can see myself going through this relatively quickly since I need to keep rubbing the pan to apply it on my face. I do think this is worth a try if you were curious about the tube version of Marcelle's BB Cream but are afraid of shine. I've read that people get pretty shiny from using that one and but don't have the same problem with the compact. I didn't have that problem here.

Have you tried this BB Cream? What's your go-to BB?

Daily Zen: I know South Korea is sometimes known for its plastic surgery culture but apparently Brazil has one too! Unfortunately Brazil doesn't have the same economic stability of South Korea and things are a bit more shady there. Never thought there would be a story about people dying from buttock injects. Yikes!


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