Thursday 8 August 2013

Pond's Magic Powder, is it really magic?

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

Let's put this under beauty unsuspected. I was browsing the 7/11 (b/c they are everywhere) when I was in Thailand, and came across this product. An oil and blemish control powder?!!?! Count me in!

pond's magic powder oil and blemish control sweetie pink review swatch

pond's magic powder oil and blemish control sweetie pink review swatch

I bought this on pure impulse. It was really cute sitting there in the aisle and I was just curious about what an oil and blemish control powder could do. The back of the packaging is completely in Thai so I had no idea what it claims or how to use it properly but a little poking around the internet helped!

From Makeupalley I found out that this product, which contains talc, has the ability to control oil and shrink swelling pimples. On the bottle it also says Double UV protection but I only found out that it has titanium dioxide and not what SPF rating this would have.

The product comes in a little bottle with a twist lid that has small openings. The color in Sweetie Pink is a low saturated highlighter pink which is white with a pink tinge when blended. There is a somewhat strong feminine scent to this product but it goes away after a while. It's not too hard to pour the right amount though some product tends to puff out when I put the bottle back down.

I wasn't really sure how to use this and at first I applied it over my foundation. This was a bad idea. I ended up walking around with a pink face after using a little too much (much too much) one day and I decided that look really wasn't working for me. Now, I pour a little on my hand and pat/blend it onto my face before I apply primer and foundation. 

Does this work? YES! I was actually really surprised at how well it controlled my combination-oily skin. I usually get oily around 3-4 hrs after applying a foundation but this made me stay oil free for another 2 hrs or so. I'm really amazed by this since it only costs me about $5CDN and it works way way way better than Urban Decay's De-slick powder which is so much more expensive. I don't think it's any good at shrinking pimples though.

This is a little difficult to get your hands on but you can find it via Ebay or Amazon. If you want to give an oil controlling powder product a try, this is actually an affordable product that delivers. The ratings on Makeupalley are pretty high for this and I can see while. If you'r extremely oily, I don't think you'll find this quite has the oil control power you would like but it might help extend your foundation a little. I will most likely repurchase. Apparently there's a blue and orange variety too! If you can, give this a try!

What's your oil controlling powder of choice? Have you tried a product on a whim just to have it amaze you?

Edible Zen:  Lately I've been thinking a little bit more about the food that I eat and this article is a good little blurb on the food policy movement. Eating real food is something I trying to move more and more towards.


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