Saturday 22 April 2017

Trying to Keep Dry (ft.Bio Beauty Refreshing Deodorant*)

A review of the Bio Beauty by Nuxe Refreshing Deodorant.

The Bio Beauty by Nuxe Refreshing Deodorant* ($13CDN, 50ml) landed in the mailbox and I was faced, again, with the struggle of appreciating natural deodorants. I really want to like you!

Some people do crazy things to reduce sweating, like injecting botox into their underarms ( your underarms...seriously!) or using treatments where aluminum strength leaves burn marks on the skin. No-one thinks sweating is attractive but come on, its a necessary body function. Completely cancelling sweat or allowing it to flow freely are both unappealing, and that is my dilemma with natural deodorants. I still haven't found a natural deodorant that can keep me dry when compared to a conventional product. 

"Effective for 24 hours, this odor-neutralizing deodorant does not contain alcohol or aluminum salts." It's not supposed to leave white marks or stains and 85% of users did not find it left a damp feeling.

Ingredients: Organic corsican citron oil extract. 10 essentials oils and 5 floral waters. Absorbent botanical powder. Aloe vera. 98.9% ingredients of natural origin. 44% ingredients derived from organic farming. 

The Bio Beauty Refreshing Deodorant doesn't work for me. The rollerball deposits a clear cool feeling liquid that smells lightly green and of sweetened lemons. I can smell the scent during the day; I can't say I enjoy it but this feature is forgivable. The deodorant prevents me from smelling bad but my main issue is the absorbency. The liquid doesn't seem to absorb or dry down and my under arms getting slightly more damp from my own day-to-day light sweating. Some days, I used tissues to dry my underarms during a bathroom break and this was slightly annoying. 

There is some internal grimacing about how I deposit aluminum into my pores to slow down sweating but so far, that's the main way I've experienced keeping consistently dry. I want to really like you, Refreshing Deodorant. You check the boxes with the whole natural ingredients thing  but I just don't stay dry enough.

I may have to let go of being dry if I really want to shift to a natural product but I obviously am not enjoying it. There may yet be something out there that can do what I'm looking for but I haven't found it (though I'm really not looking that hard). So, if you know of a natural deodorant that also works well as an anti-perspirant, please give me a heads up!


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