Wednesday 23 November 2016

Red Lips and Whiskey


Though I love eyeshadow, a red lip makes me feel a million times more sexy. Even a smokey eye can’t compete with the instant sex appeal of a red lipstick. Now, when I wear Make Up For Ever’s M401* (Hot Red by Icona Pop, $27CDN, 0.12oz) and add on a spicy fragrance like Commodity's Whiskey ($120CDN, 100ml), the I have admit that I feel pretty good.
Whiskey is an amazing fragrance to be wearing right now. I love its amber and musk notes, and this men’s cologne with a red lip gives me just the right touch of naughty to be wearing at the office. The red lip grabs a little more attention, and the closeness of the cologne’s oriental woody properties is a nice surprise for those who draw near. Sultry without being too subversive, Whiskey is a good girl’s walk on the wicked side without getting into anything too kinky.

Whiskey’s notes are:
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Eucalpytus
Middle notes: Sage, Ivy, Lavender
Base notes: Dark Musk, Amber, Cinnamon, American Oak, Mahogany

To be truthful, I wish Whiskey lasted slightly longer but a few more sprays and some into my clothing gives the scent a decent boost. I find the sillage moderate which is just right for my intended effect. There are few occasions when its allowable to smell blatantly wanton, and anything more forceful would be rude.

If the reviews on Fragrantica are anything to go by, and you do want to cross into something more heady, there is Guerlain’s Shalimar. I recall it was too overpowering and powdery for my liking. However I do know a few Shalimar fans and the thing has been around since 1925 so its got to be doing something right.

All that’s just to say, Whiskey is giving me all kind of good feels right now and I’m not ready to stop pumping this for an alternative in its class (though now that I think about it, Maison Margiela’s Jazz Club is sitting in my drawers, and that's got all kinds of leathery goodness). It's a great winter fragrance that adds the perfect hint of seduction to your everyday. Now I'm super curious about the different ways to mix this up with the other Commodity options.