Wednesday 9 November 2016

Taking Back Roses (ft. Coach the Fragrance*)

 I was going to start this post by listing the numerous ways I've become an "old person". Bryan Adams on repeat, hot water as a beverage, bed times near or at 10pm are easy examples. I thought my new appreciation for rose scented perfumes (most recently in the Coach Eau de Parfum* ($90CDN, 50ml/$115CDN, 90ml) was just the latest discovery in my journey to 90 but I realized what a disservice that was to a perfume note that is so classic.

Often I hear people link rose with "old lady" and this isn't too surprising since roses have such a strong fragrance and romantic history that women of all ages are drawn to it and some are drawn to it for the lengths of their lifetimes. Cosmetics, like lipstick and powders, are sometimes perfume with rose scents as well. When I read about the rose perfume's written by young people, the first mention is always that it "doesn't smell like a grandma" and the assumption that rose is old may be misguided. Perhaps its time to take back rose and reinvigorate it as a scent for all women regardless of age. 

Coach Eau de Parfum* is a floral fragrance. I found its longevity and sillage moderate. The rose note lingers through the day but the addition of the base notes makes this feel modern. It isn't powdery neither is it musty and their is a fruitiness about it. Though I'm very much enjoying it, this is not the most unique of rose scents but a good solid addition to the perfume world. The fragrance has the following notes.
Top: Raspberry, Pink Pepper, Pear
Middle: Turkish Rose, Gardenia, Cyclamen
Base: Suede, Musk, Sandalwood, Cashmeran

Coach is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the launch of this fragrance and it has tried to place its modern sensibilities with the cool, urban ambiance of New York city into this bottle. I love the leather tag detailing, the turnlock stopper reminiscent of the turnlocks on Coach bags and the heavy glass oval bottle and the scent is definitely getting a lot of uses lately.


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