Wednesday 15 June 2016

FOTD: Full Face Essence*

You don't need to pay a lot to have a really soft and pretty makeup look. Essence is a great drugstore brand and most items are under $5! I pulled together options and wore an Essence color look for the day to give them a test run.

Essence All About Sunrise eyeshadow palette* (lower middle orange shade on the lid, upper right brown in the crease, upper middle pale pink as highlight)
Essence I Love Extreme Mascara* (I suggest giving this a try but only get the waterproof)
Essence Gel Liner* in Black (I would avoid this. It was so stiff and I couldn't get any color pay off at all without pressing and tugging my eyelid.)

Essence Sheer and Shine Lipstick in *Like a Princess

Essence Pure Nude Concealer* in Honey Beige (a great creamy concealer for those who don't want something stiff and dry, pure honey was my perfect shade) 
Essence Sun Club All-in-one Bronzing Highlighter* in Sun Light (I really enjoy this for its bronzer, highligher and blush possibilities. I got this last summer and am still keeping it around. Smells like coconuts!)

Essence really excels in their lip products which are something like $3CDN at Shoppers. I love the full range of colors, the light feel on the lips and the opacity. Even the Sheer and Shine line isn't all that sheer (which is great or not so great depending). It has the lucidity which qualifies as a sheer lipstick but the color is still bold and even. 

Of the items that I used for this look, I would suggest trying the Sheer and Shine lipstick, the I Heart Extreme Mascara (in waterproof) and the Sun Club Bronzer. The mascara is worth a test only because it was so much better than I expected. I got both length and volume instantly however, it does leave balls of formula on the lashes which require more frequently combing through. The none waterproof was so water soluable. Onion tears left me with streaky mascara lines so I would go with the waterproof instead.

What are your Essence favorites?


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