Monday 27 June 2016

Most Exciting Beauty Items Coming to London Drug*

I briefly talked about London Drugs in my London Drugs event post but didn't focus on the most important thing which were the products. There were so many things to see but of them, these are the few that you should be most excited about.

Kiss Professional Products

I went to this booth over and over again. I can't believe the products they have coming out. 30 shades of Egoism matte lipsticks* and 60 (60!!!) shades of single eyeshadows*! That's crazy! And the colors are looking A+ to me.

Makeup Revolution

Never experienced this UK brand before but the reps were saying how popular they are. The internet seems to really enjoy Makeup Revolution* and I've been trying out a few of their palettes. These are supposed to be super affordable and I can see them being great first palettes to buy for the budget conscious.


London Drugs has the largest collection of NYC items in Canada! NYX is coming out with Ombre Blushes* and the first Soft Matte Lip Cream to be named a Canadian City, Vancouver*. I would have bought this just for the name alone.


Annabelle is coming out with mascaras*. 7 of them!


Sadly I didn't get a sample of these but Revlon is making a whole synthetic brush collection designed with the Mercedes Benz design team. The handles are ergonomic and architectural. I really loved the look. The bristles were quite soft as well!

Can't wait to see these and more in stores!


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