Wednesday 18 May 2016

Workouts in the Shower (ft Lush Pumice Power*)

*Press Sample
lush pumice power review

I'm using the Flexitol Heel Balm* but my foot routine could use one last charge to really make them decent for public viewing. The  LUSH's Pumice Power* has been my final push and my heels and butt haven't looked better. In all the ways that our bodies are able to contort themselves, I wouldn't have thought that a foot pumice would cause me to perform these in the shower.

lush pumice power review

LUSH's Pumice Power* ($4.50CDN) is a foot soap that contains pumice powder, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, and sweet orange oil. It's a soap and scrub in one!  The soap has some hardness so its not going to crumble and mush under water, but it is soap, so it will dissolve a little anyways.  So do whatever you gotta do, to keep your feet up in the air to scrub them, while keeping the soap away from the water. And really, I've tried all the positions:

1) I've placed my feet on the ledge to scrub them but I couldn't get to the bottom of my feet.

2) I've sat on the shower floor and crossed my legs but water just gets all over me and I'm basically drowning or I get cold if I sit out of the shower.

3) I've raised my foot behind me and turned around to scrub it...but my back isn't a twisty toy.

4) I thought about a lying down glute stretch but...I just washed my hair and I'm not going to let it dangle down the drain, thank you.

Honestly the best position so far, has been the standing glute stretch.  Water goes down my back. My butt and thighs get a workout and my feet and the soap are away from the water. #WINNING!

After I figured all of that out, this has worked really well!  The tear-drop shape made it easy to smooth along the perimeter of my feet. It does leave a train of sandy orange soap so just wash that down the drain. The texture of the pumice is really fine and there is nothing scratchy or tearing about the soap yet somehow it is so effective and the scent is earthy and warm. After one use, I wondered why I hadn't thought to exfoliate my feet sooner! 

Have you ever had to contort yourself to perform a beauty routine?


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