Saturday 12 March 2016

Men are Simple Creatures (ft. Mary Kay True Original Hair and Body Wash*)

*Press sample

Men are simple creatures. Keep them well fed. Keep them loved. Give them a sports game. Boom. Happy

You know what also makes men (and people in general) happy? Warm showers. But if your man is anything like David, he's got places to be and things to do so increasing task efficiency is always welcomed. When I received the Mary Kay True Original Hair and Body Wash* ($20CDN, 192ml), I felt like I had solved all of David's first world washing problems.

All a man needs to do is spread this over themselves, lather, rinse and they are done
This is the ultimate shower time saving product. 
This literally gives them the extra minute they feel like they need to do other important stuff.
This reduces all shower purchasing decisions to one
Men like efficiency.

This isn't all for the guys though... 
David refuses to try or use scents, a fact which saddens me. Though the 'sexy man' smell of True Original lingers for a while, this product is so efficient, he still keeps using it. The notes are lemon, apple, amber, cedar and patchouli.

Between this and his deodorant...I'm pretty happy to snuggle up to my guy. 
Scented body washes, the perfect subterfuge.

Of course, when I ask David about all of this, his response was:
David: works.
Jenn: Anything else?
David: Nope.

Men...are simple creatures.

Has any skincare products 'helped' your partner before


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