Monday 21 March 2016

Favorites from Sephora Collection*

There are so many items and brands in Sephora that it's easy to forget an in-house option exists. Sometimes in-house options really aren't worth the savings. A few too many, less-than-clean bath tubs later, I realized I would rather go with the buff white-shirted man bottle than a drug store generic cleanser. But when a store's sole purpose is to sell makeup, they had better have at least more than a few things that really hit them mark.

Considering that, here are my favorite items from Sephora Collection that are on par or better than branded items on their shelves.

I reviewed this foundation here  and it is still a favorite of mine. The spray application takes a little bit of working around but nothing has been so perfectly finished and smooth on my face. I don't think I need to try the Dior version since this works so well for much less. It never cakes and this is the closest to light weight flawlessness I've achieved. The only improvement would be the inclusion of SPF but that would probably mess up the spray function and consistency. The color is also quite the perfect match for me (bonus points!!!).

2. Colorful Eyeshadows* ($13CDN, 0.07oz)

Cheaper than MAC shadows...(well they were until the recent MAC price changes...) and instantly depotable (you know how important this is to me), I've been trying hard to stay away from this affordable range of blendable colors. I recently got to try Surfin USA, which makes a great replacement for MAC's Electric Eel, and Dessert Rose, but I'm constantly swatching the shades in the stores.

3. Contour Eye Pencils ($12CDN, 0.04oz )

Between this and the Annabelle Stay Sharps, you really don't need much else. They are creamy, ultra pigmented and as equal in quality to the Urban Decay liners. I love their affordability and when the liner sets come out for Christmas, I always look for a pack of Contour Eye Pencils.  I also really liked their Flashy Liners but Sephora doesn't sell them anymore.

4. Dual Ended Eyeshadow and Smudger Brush

This brush has gotten me so far for very very long and I would actually purchase it again in a heartbeat. The only problem is that its no longer sold and I think its a combo of their Pro Smudge Brush and the Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush. Buying both is less economical since I got the one for something like $10 more than 5 years ago. Sads!

5. Travel Bags (esp The Voyager)*

There are many places to get makeup bags. Hells, just get a gift with purchase and you've instantly got another makeup bag to clutter you closet with, but I really enjoy the Sephora Collection Voyager Travel Bag for its size. There are always new bags coming out and lately they have some nice quote ones like this one with "My Lip Stain is Sealed" written on it.


There are actually quite a number of items I'd still like to try from the Collection.
- Not surprisingly, more shadow shades.
- The cleansing oil
- Color Lip Last
- and a few of their powders and foundations...

What are you favorites from the in-house brand?


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