Saturday 2 May 2015

Sexy Lexy, Sexi-Plexi, Plexi Glosses from Make Up For Ever (101, 206, 306, 402P*)

*Press Sample
make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 101 206 306 402P

I don't day dream about my wedding and I don't have aspirations to live a Wysteria Lane life but I have a horrible tendency to plan for things that are way too far off in the future and I already know the name of my children. I just have to convince David.

David and I have already had this discussion and we do not see eye to eye. He hated Landon (for a boy) and hated Astrid (for a girl) even more. Astrid does pose a number problems. As my friend helpfully pointed out, "Pete is the short form of Peter, and the short form of Astrid would be...?" But I will not yield and I'm convinced Astrid needs to be in some portion of my child's name. 

To try and change my mind, David has attempted to persuade me of various options. One of his unfortunate choices has been "Lexie". If I'm not allowed to link unflattering (and flatulating...) body parts with my child name, I think I can make a case against names that rhyme with sexy. 

Anyways, those were the thoughts running through my head when I read the "sexi-plexi" tag line for the new Make Up For Ever Plexi-Glosses* ($23CDN, 0.23oz/6.8ml). These glosses promise vivid color, amazing stay-on power with Prizmalite and shocking shine from mixing unique oils and a polymer base. You can find the official way to apply these here.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 101 206 306 402P

The Superflex Applicator gives lip hugging precision and control. There are 35 colors in pearly and non pearly finishes which contain reflective shine beads offering fully loaded pigment. There are some pretty heavy claims with these: 5 hour color impact, non-stickiness, and 360 Degree shine.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 101 206 306 402P

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 101

101 Nude Beige is a warm nude color. I found this settled into lip lines and was too pale for my skin tone. It seems unnaturally nude on me.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 206

206 Pop Pink is a vibrant pink. A fun feminine color. This color performed the best out of the four I tried.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 306

306 Orange is straight up orange, no two ways about it.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 402P

402P Golden Red is a pearlized red-orange. I love this sort of shade. The pearliness doesn't lend itself to frostiness and is quite well done. However it did tend to pool in certain lip areas and bleed out into lip lines.

make up for ever plexi-gloss swatch review 101 206 306 402P

The applicator is as flexible as it claims. You can practically bend it 45 degrees. The edge, when placed perpendicularly to the lip, perfectly outlines the lip with gloss and when flatted on your upper lips, helps precisely define your cupid's bow.

In General
The formula holds together in the bottle so multiple dips are necessary to help spread the formula onto the lip. You need to push and mold the color to your lips as it tends to pool together and to gel into puddles. Keeping the bottle with you during the day is mandatory. In 3-4 hours, darker color seems to separate,  're-pool' in certain areas and I wanted to re-push it around on my lips. I did get 5 hour wear, including some meals, with 206 though. These tended to bleed into my lip lines and out of my lip area but it was more obvious with 402P and 101 than with the other colors.

The color will transfer when you drink, and can leave patchiness depending on the color. They are supposed to be non-sticky but they definitely have stick factor to them. You can feel a layer of gloss gel on your lips when you wear them which diminishes in 5 hours though color will remain.

The brush really is stand out. I wish the formula was just as stellar. The glossiness level is crazy. If you like super glossiness you'll like this finish if you find a color you can work with. You almost get that slick glossy look of vinyl.

Overall, I like the concept. I really like the color variety and I absolutely love the brush but, at the end of the day, the formula between shades wasn't consistent and mid-tone colors seem to perform better than super light or more dark ones.

Name choices? Sexi-Plexi Glosses?

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