Sunday 10 May 2015

10K Runs and the Saje Pain Release Kit

Saje Pain Release oil review

Today, May 10th, marks a milestone. It marks the first time I willingly subject myself to, what will most likely be, a painful exhibit of tentative athleticism and stalwart belief in preserving my health. Today is the day, I run a 10K race.

In an attempt to 'earn' these Nike Epik Lux Running tights, I signed up for the Sporting Life 10K. I don't run. I don't need running tights, (especially not $140 EPIC LUX running tights) and I don't believe in buying exercise gear to lounge around in.  So, if I was gonna fork out the cash, I needed to earn these babies.

Saje Pain Release oil review

And holy cow am I earning them, in sweat and tears and uncomfortable chaffing. Three months of training has put me through cycles of leg pain and knee strains which only whimpering in a curled mass on my bed, deep massages and getting intimate with my foam roller can cure. 

My IT bands rejoiced when I found the Saje Pain Release Kit ($36CDN) which contains the Pain Release Roll On (6ml),  Pain Release Analgesic Mist (30ml), Pain Release Analgesic Massage Oil (40ml) and bath salts (120g). 

Saje Pain Release oil kit review

The oil contains medicinal ingredients of essential oils of lavender, marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor, peppermint & roman chamomile. It slightly numbs my skin when applied and when massaged on, my muscles are warmed and relaxed. The scent reminds me of mentholated Chinese rub remedies.

Honestly this little kit has been a great investment. Though it doesn't substitute the intense deep tissues pounding I get from my favorite massage practitioners it's so affordable and offers temporary and fast relief after my long and short runs. The roll on is easy to use and the mist is great for hard to reach places. I haven't had to add more of the oil into my roll on just yet but I like the refill potential.

I'm writing this post in advance of the race. I'm hoping to do it under 1hr 20 mins. My trainer thinks I can do it under 1hr. I think he's crazy. As for the tights, they're fast becoming sold out and my general lack of love for running has deterred me from purchasing them. I'm still waffling. Either way, when I'm done the run, I know I'm gonna be misting and rolling this Saje stuff on after a huge huge brunch.

Wish me luck!

10K, 5K, no K? And how do you deal with muscle soreness?

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