Thursday 19 March 2015

Veiled Beanies

I have been completely in love with the veiled beanie ever since I saw a DIY version on Style Scrapbook.  Probably inspired by Chanel and Giambattista Valli there’s something chic about the combination of the urban beanie and the feminine throwback of veiled eyes. Not a beauty trend but Chanel and Valli give us a good idea of how to wear veiled looks during the Spring 2015 runway shows.

Chanel’s cross hatched mesh version pairs with a slightly darkened uni-brow and orange red lips. Since only Frida Kahlo can truly rock the unkempt eyebrow look, I decided to keep the essence of Chanel’s Spring 2015 runway beauty look by using no eyemake up and only color on the lips.

If you’d rather go the opposite route, Giambattista does bare lips with silver darkened smokey eyes behind a polka dot face veil. To each their own, but I like how Chanel’s red lips stand out against covered eyes. No-makeup eyes look purposeful rather than undone, and your lips and the beanie stand out together.

Veiled beanies, yay or nay?

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