Saturday 21 March 2015

FOTD #10: 'Cause Sometimes Lashes are Fun*

*Press Sample

I don't use false lashes. The look is extreme and very...well, false. Once I came home from an event with falsies on and my brother, in a judgemental tone, said, "What's with your eyelashes? Is that your thing now?" A girl that needs to have her eyelashes on the daily, isn't the type of girl I am but there's something fun about the more outlandish pairs out there, especially for special occasions or beauty looks.

Born Pretty sent along these Fashion Lashes* ($1.99USD), Lower Lashes* ($2.99 USD) and a lash application tool* ($0.99 USD) which are all perfectly priced! I don't really want or need to spend $15+ on a pair of fancy mink lashes when I'm only going to use falsies, probably, three times a year or for the blog.

The lash tool made application easier. The forceps held the lashes in place and I was able to get the lash band much closer to my eyelid than if I used my fat fingers. The end of the tool pressed down precisely on the lash band to help it adhere to my lid. For $1USD, I suggest picking one up.

For this look, and for most of my colorful looks, I used the BH Cosmetics Day and Night Palette. I didn't quite know what I was going for so started out with a dark teal and just went with it. I liked the way it came out!

Just a reminder that you can get 10% off Born Pretty with the Code ABZH10

Thoughts on false lashes? Thoughts on colorful eyeshadow?

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