Wednesday 30 November 2016

Unflattering Office Lighting

Now that its winter time, I apply my makeup in the dark. Well...that's an exaggeration, but my 7am bedroom might as well be a cave. 

The lack of overhead lights and conscientiousness for David's sleep means minimal lighting when I put on my daily fotd. Now and then, I'm faced (literally) with my poor execution while taking a bathroom break at work. Bathroom breaks are a moment of truth; the first moment when I can see myself fully, in a mix of daylight and fluorescents. At 9am, the reality is revealed that I'm going to be walking around all day with colors that super don't working for me.

Office lights never lie. In fact, they don't lie and they don't flatter. Office lighting is that bitter cousin which tells the flat out truth and gives unwanted critical feedback "for your own good". At this point, the daily bathroom reveal is almost a game. Will it be Door #1, awesome makeup! Or Door #2, oh god, please learn how to blend.

The more awful thing about office lighting is that even when my make up is on its A-game, fluorescents can cast shadows and wash me out, resulting in sandbag eyes and "Are you tired?" questions. You can win...its just a little difficult and the color tones are set against you. The best you can do is rise to the challenge. At least my office has a lot of natural light that comes through during summer, but during winter, it's always a bit trickier. Who knew that office struggles could come from more than just office work and politics.


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