Saturday 26 November 2016

New To Me

It's a great pleasure to get little beauty packages through the mailbox and it's always neat to be introduced to a brand for the very first time. I don't always say yes to brands that reach out. There are SO many new brands and they just keep coming. I used to want to try any brand that was launching but it presented the 'paradox of choice' and I'm pretty OK to let some things pass on. I did say "I do" to these new brands though. So here is a quick introduction to Teeez Cosmetics, Maison Jacynthe and 3B Box.

Found at: The Bay
From: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Philosophy: Obsessed with fashion, Teez introduces catwalk looks with eccentric products to give women an unconventional edge. They hope to invent new and innovative beauty ideas each season.
Reason I said "Yes": This launched at The Bay with media attention from David Lackie. This wasn't surprising; he edits The Bay's beauty magazine and it makes sense for him to cross promote. Business strategy aside, I was curious if it would be any good.

David Lackie of Canadian beauty editing fame introduced this on his instagram; he kept saying it reminded him of MAC. Teeze Cosmetics is an edgy artistry beauty brand based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The packaging feels bulky but the products perform as they should. The shadow formula worked well through the day over primer, not buttery or dry. The lipsticks gave good color. Overall, these are solid options but nothing really stands out of as must have.

From: La Prairie, Quebec
Philosophy: A natural and active line of products that reflect creator Jacynthe Rene's lifestyle and focus on wellbeing and health.
Reason I said "Yes": If its natural and its awesome, why not support a Canadian brand?

I don't know anything about Jacynthe René and I'm not often swayed when a celebrity's personal philosophy is used as a brand selling point. But thoughts about 'chemicals' and other 'bad for you stuff' has been popping into my mind now and then, and I'm ready to try more natural products. The shadows blend really well and the lipstick was quite pigmented. The lipstick had medium level glide, not a super waxy stick formula but just enough to feel pulled together and to leave a good slide of lip color. I love the lipstick's wood and metal packaging!

Found at: 3B's online store
From: Seattle
Philosophy: Monthly curated boxes and à la carte product options to help you experience Asian beauty. 3B aims to make it easy to discover beauty products from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
Reason I said "Yes": I was hoping for a quick procurement solution for Asian beauty products.

Overall, I like the idea of a $15/month ($12/month prepared for a year) box for Korean samples but I haven't been too impressed with the ones I've received. I expected more deluxe size samples instead of multiples of product single use satchets. The selection of products in a box are OK to good with some recognizable names and some brands new to me. I am aware of what Asia pumps out so I was expecting a little bit more here.


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