Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Great Deletion of 2014

Now that I'm more or less over it, I hope you will allow me to roast myself and the situation. So without too much pomp and only because of circumstance....(and really, what is a death without a good public homage...)


We are gathered to grieve and eugoogle-ize (sic.) the loss of countless (because I'm too lazy) images from the A Beautiful Zen database. The Great Deletion of 2014 took many casualties and was avoidable had Google been more clear on how Gallery worked. But let's note hate on Google! Let's learn that Google Gallery images (which Google calls "backups") are really the originals from the Blogger post and aught not to be deleted. Ever.

Let's also pay tribute to the now-gone images of the Maybelline Color Tattoo round up swatches, the Clarin's Spring LE 2013 Blush (oh that's half still there? small miracle) and the MAC Waveline eye posts, among others. Though the images will be missed, the products will not be forgotten. Let us all hold our Wavelines together, now, as an act of remembrance.

We will move on from this disaster! We will back up our photos (Huzzah!), create new posts (Huzzah!) with even more amazing imagery that will emblazon themselves onto the minds of their viewers (but not too emblazoned because that stings) and remember that all things are temporary (....Huzzah?), even makeup (like when old releases are forgotten every new season). Let us move forward together in these worthwhile pursuits joyously and with much frivolity. 

Onwards and upwards, goddamnit.


Thanks for the online hugs, pats on the shoulders, and general understanding of my blight.



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