Thursday 8 May 2014

PSA: Glitter Unicorns

While the rest of us are waking from our vampiric slumber, scrabbling for coffees or teas and mindlessly applying neutral OAM (office appropriate makeup) out of habit (yup, that brown, is the exact same one I used yesterday *yawn*), the rest of you fancy unicorns are reaching for something different. You, you special fairy angels, are reaching for the GLITTER.
An example of an elusive glitter unicorn. If found, please befriend. (Credit)
Encountering one of you rare beasts on a subway ride, I found myself reeling from the cosmic gleam emitting from your eyes and wondered, 'What is this crazy leprechaun and can I be their friend?' Instantly, my carefully tauped-up work-safe look was dulled by the radiance of not only those twinkling dust particles but also the sheer audacity of wearing sparkle at 9am in the morning. What if mass  bystander blindness ensues if the light catches just right? How is this publicly suitable? There should be a report....

I too could be so brazen! I am fully armed for this endeavor. There are, after all, glittery items in my stash, completely unloved until an appropriate night time affair brings them out of their corner. But let's be honest, for a granny like me, such events are few and far between. Could I really be so intrepid as to switch them for day time use? Or to have the boldness to say, at the work place, "Yes, I am Jenn. And I have really really shiny makeup on". The heart is stricken with fear even as a I type. But somehow, the crazy sparkle lady on the train has inspired me. It may be that the glimmer of her eyes has struck me dumb and I can't help but be called to the shiny like a child by the pied piper. At the very least, I'm glad that someone out there is bravely sporting high shine during the day time while the rest of us can only dream to dare.

Chanel 2014 Spring Couture. 
What thinks you? In admiration but fearful? Or is it just plain inappropriate?

Daily Zen:  I am LOVING the CHVRCHES album. Here's a great song.

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