Saturday 8 June 2013

Selected Travel Photos: Thailand

In Thailand, we went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Vietnam was hot, but this was pretty near unbearable and we embarrassingly found ourselves, more often than not, in an air conditioned mall after a few hours of morning sight seeing in Bangkok.

Getting off the plane in Chiang Mai, we were immediately hit by how green and lush everything was and the number of outdoor adventure activities one could do there. We opted for elephant riding and swimming by waterfalls. Hope you enjoy this set of photos, one more to go!

Grand Palace in Bangkok
Reclining Buddha in Bangkok
Floating Market just outside of Bangkok
Eating from one of the canal boats at the floating market
A wat (temple) near our hostel in Chiang Mai
Riding elephants in Chiang Mai
That moment before the elephant kicked David. He had a little bit of a bruise the next day.
Bamboo rafting down a river in Chiang Mai
ALl day Thai cooking lesson in Chiang Mai. We made 12 dishes, so stuffed!
Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai


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