Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Select Travel Photos: China

Somehow I ended up with 7GB of photos which, for some, is a piddly amount, but for me, is still a sizable chunk of my hard drive space. I don't know about you but I found that near the end of my trip I took less photos than the beginning but to be honest in Seoul, we mostly explored neighborhoods rather than go to specific tourist sites. After a while, photos of buildings, just look like photos of buildings and don't really capture the atmosphere of the location, not with my bumbly photography skills anyways. Here are very few photos of the amazing places I got to visit! The first batch is from our time in Beijing and Shanghai. I hope you enjoy them :) 

Tiananmen Square Beijing
I'm a stunner I know. Outside the Forbidden City

Rock garden in the Forbidden City
Old friends playing Chinese chess outside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Eating at one of the famous Peking Duck restaurants in Beijing
Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai
City God Temple? I don't even remember now....sorry
Just outside our hostel in Shanghai at night
An amazing view from the Bund River in Shanghai
Shanghai Museum where the displays light up when people approach them.


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