Thursday 14 March 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask

my beauty diark aloe mask review

Another product I tried in order to salvage my dry skin was the My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask. I love this brand of masks in general but there were a few surprising qualities of the Aloe variety that are worth mentioning. 

This mask is suppose to hydrate and nourish the skin by incorporating aloe extract. Rose essence is added to repair dry and rough skin. Seaweed-yeast complex and hyaluronic acid are also incorporated to aid in the process.

The smell of this product is quite fresh and the fit of the mask is so much better than the Kose Clearturn masks reviewed previously. After leaving it on for 20 mins there is still a lot of essence/liquid left but it doesn't feel sticky on the face and absorbs quite nicely. I was surprise to find that my face was instantly hydrated and the hydrated feeling lasted for the rest of the day before I had to take a shower and put on night cream for bed. 

The surprising bonus with this mask was that it left my face matte for hours! I did not expect this and I think this fact contributes to my belief that this mask actually does what it says. A few skin experts have commented that the reason why my skin gets oily is that there is an underlying hydration issue. Since my skin is not properly hydrated it tries to produce oil to compensate for the lack in moisture. So, if that is the case, the mask must have provided adequate moisture and my skin didn't have to compensate as much. (but you know..correlation is not causation, and my sample size is like 2...but still guys...). I was quite happy with this result and will for sure be repurchasing this version of the My Beauty Diary masks. 

How did you find My Beauty Diary masks? 


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