Saturday, 16 March 2013

Edible Zen: Tea

Something that I really enjoy having everyday when I can is a good cup of tea. I have never really understood the popularity of coffee. I feel like it buzzes my mind in a very artificial way where my brain is on fire but I'm still halfway asleep. With tea, the sense of awakening is more gradual and smooth which makes this drink my go-to for days when I haven't slept properly.

For large groups, one of the best things to have is a tea pot. I was very lucky to find this made-in-Japan handpainted ceramic tea pot in a garage sale for $2! It's so beautiful and I'm still undecided about whether or not I can bring it back home to Vancouver when I make that inevitable journey. For loose leaf teas it's also a good idea to have some tea filters just to make it easier to get all the leaves out and to decrease the likelihood that you're going to pour tea leaves into someone's cup.

If it's just tea for me, a great big mug couldn't make me happier. I also got this tea strainer at a garage sale (gotta love those) and it serves the same purpose as the tea filters but for one. I have to say that tea straining devices have been an epiphany for me. I use to just make do with tea leaves in my cup but strainers and filters make tea drinking easier and less like navigating through tea leaf traffic. 

timolino travel tea mug

As much as I love my above accessories, I have to say that this Timolino travel tea mug is the shit. It has a filter for loose leaves and an extra compartment for extra tea! When this thing says it will keep tea hot, it is not kidding. I filled it up with hot water and with the lid off the water was just starting to get drinkable after 30 mins. A good thing, but a bad thing when you need your tea now. They come in a variety of colors at David's Tea and my lovely partner, who's name is also David, bought this for me as a gift which makes it extra awesome.

As for my preferred tea? A good strong black like Assam does it for me. David's Tea does a great version called "Glitter and Gold" which is quite lovely and the Kenyan Tinderet gives a wonderfully full and strong taste.

What is your favorite morning wake-me-up?


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