Wednesday 4 January 2017

The Last Minute Purchase

I really am hopeless; best intentions aren't enough to hold me back. It happened. Even when I said I would buy less, and especially buy less makeup, I made a beauty purchase.

The re-promotion of my favorite face wash drew me into Sephora but what really cinched the purchase was seeing a little red box of BITE finally restocked. My hands shot out faster than my mind could caution and my feet took me swiftly to the check out.

I bought:

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple (at the sale price of $15!): At this price point, Purity has become my HG cleanser. I think I showed restraint by just getting one. It takes a little under half a year to finish a 360ml bottle and I'm still near full on the one I started last month. Along with the other cleansers still in my skincare drawer, I'm pretty stocked up.

BITE's Perfect Bite Set ($29CDN): The Bite sets really have to be one of the best holiday buys and though I've barely made a dent in the one I bought 3 years ago (for shame, Jenn...) I've been giving serious woo-y eyes at the latest. This thing has been sold out for months (which was such a god send)! And then I saw it, just two, set inside its own little recessed display...and my brain went fuck it and that was that.

Tatcha's Kyoto Cleanse Set ($32CDN): Powder cleansers were a new discovery this year and as Tatcha grew in popularity I've wanted to try their Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. While only holding the two above products, I saw this set along the cashier aisles by the cashiers and became a living example of why visual merchandising and relying on human impulsivity works.

Overall, I don't feel too bad, though David gave a rather long "Why.........?!" when I showed him the lipsticks. I don't know why I keep bothering to show him but I get too excited and have to tell someone. I know its crazy but in my perfect world, I think I would get rid of all my make up products and get "better for me" items...but then I get caught up in the marketing and such and I find myself falling in love with more conventional makeup items and having a hard time ridding myself of anything in my possession. The struggles.

Daily Zen: Something I'd like to do is to live more "real life" and not the "internet life" but there is a lot about apps, phones, the internet that is purposefully designed to be addictive. Here's an interesting article about a movement towards "time well spent" and whether programmers have an obligation towards maximizing life experiences rather than in-app time. 


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