Saturday 17 December 2016

FOTD: Too Cute from Paul and Joe

Its just too damn cute. Everything. The prints, the embossing, the use of cardboard and the shapes. Paul and Joe* beauty is the product line that was made to live on your vanity and to indulge your inner girly girl.

It's crazy that I got these in August, that they were for a fall release and I'm posting them in...December.  I have an amazing lag time of 4 months. Though slated for autumn, these spring colors are not the deeper orange and burgundy shades that I tend to see around the proposed release time.

Colors aside, the names of these products are appropriately autumnal. Snuggle Up*Autumn Leaves*, and Chill in the Air* complete the picture of a delightful and cozy fall season. The Autumn Leaves* peach trio, housed in a lovely printed round cardboard tub, isn't exceptionally unique but its a solid choice. The formula is middling in the stiff to butter range. Swatching well, I still felt that a few brown layers were needed to produce enough contrast on the eyes. All that effort though showcased that these blend well.

Chill in the Air* gives a glowy light pink leaning peach cheek tint. It swatched really glowy on my arm but its diffusible when applied and doesn't look frosty when worn. I'm really not a cat person (really) but the print and cat shaped blush balls are pretty notable. Snuggle Up* was a real pleasure to use. Its got the right amount of movement and creaminess. A nice thin pigmented layer without feeling like a waxy or oil cake. It doesn't have that stiff wax quality that gives me that super budge proof lip feel but the formula doesn't fail short in comfort. 

Overall, Paul and Joe* has produced solid make up choices that everyone would easily find usable and workable in their daily lives. The incredible aesthetic quality of the pieces are an additional selling point in acquiring these products. It gives me a little tweak of happy feels when I see those cute cardboard packages sitting on my desk. You can find these at select Shoppers Drug Marts!


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