Wednesday 13 April 2016

Burberry Eye Color Cream in Nude Gold*

Burberry Eye Color Cream Nude Gold

I love dramatic looking products and the Burberry Eye Color Creams* are pretty dramatic. A hefty looking block of domed squishy shadow with a gun metal (but sadly plastic) Burberry pattered lid. It looks lux on the vanity and the shade Nude Gold is a great 'topper' addition to your eyeshadow wardrobe. But get it fast because its LE for Spring/Summer 2016.

Burberry Eye Color Cream Nude Gold

The Burberry Eye Color Cream* ($34CDN, 3.5g) promises a cushion-soft and lightweight formula, produced to glide and give saturated, blendable color while being long-lasting and crease-free. They all come with an angled applicator. Nude Gold is a pale cool toned gold with a bit of an olive-platinum tinge. 

Burberry Eye Color Cream Nude Gold Swatch

Very subtle by itself, Nude Gold gives a wonderful cool-toned shimmer on the lids without any real color presences. A nice classic true nude option which doesn't do much as a color focal point but a good 'something special' as a supplement to your make up look. Best used alone with a bold lip, I'd say or even on off days with a minimal face and simply lined eyes. Because of this, Nude Gold makes a great 'topper' shadow and can enhance any color its placed upon, as shown above.

Burberry Eye Color Cream Nude Gold

Burberry Eye Color Cream Nude Gold

I found finger application best with this product. It blends well but really needs to be built up and packed on. The formula has the same putty feel of Dior Monos but with less in-pot adhesion and more crumble when pressing too hard into the mound of shadow. Not gritty, it does go on smoothly and minimally creased when used by itself. The creasing wasn't very noticeable since the color was already quite light. 

The greatest strength of this product is its buildability. The shade will be great for anyone who needs control over color or who isn't comfortable with deep pigmentation. It would be interesting to compare a darker color to see what one swipe of that looks like. This shade is inherently pale which means it would need more building to start but overall, I'm enjoying it!

Have you tried this formula? In a darker color?


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