Saturday 9 January 2016

FOTD #14: Because Matching isn't a Bad Thing (ft. Pur Minerals Epic Illusion Palette)

*Press Sample

Thought process while trying out the Pur Minerals Epic Illusions Palette* ($32CDN):
- I don't like palettes with multiple formulas. My preference is for either all creams or all powders, never a mix. 
- Getting a face palette where every shade is truly multiuse means a lot pinks (and variants) and browns (and variants).
- I wasn't convinced that such a matchy matchy palette would really work (even though I should have learned by now that it does).

This palette promises to be so versatile you can use it for the face and for your eyes. It contains two sets of highlighter, bronzer and blush. You can even mix the colors together, if you'd like.

Bluff and Fiction on the lid, Unreal as highlighter, Bluff as blush and Fiction as contour.

Generally the colors wore extremely well through the day on my lids and on my cheeks. There was some fading on my cheeks though at the very end. These aren't super buttery but most give good pigment and were appropriately blendable. I much preferred Fiction (the darker brown) as a contour shade; Fable was too light and slightly orange leaning. I don't like browns to contour and would rather use a cool taupe.

I preferred using Legendary and Bluff along with both the browns on my lids. Mauvelous made the most lovely berry shaded blush color as did Bluff, but wasn't something I was used to using on the lid.

As a face palette. the blush colors are perfect; great color choices for some very straightforward makeup looks. The highlighters could use a little more oophm and Legendary worked better than Unreal (which didn't quite show up on my face). In total all the colors could be used but some shades lend more easily for dual eye and cheek use. I ended up really liking how put together the look was and had a new appreciation for matching my eyeshade with my cheeks. Its a very minimalist look and those in need of color will find this dull but this palette might suit the average person who wants to look put together and isn't a makeup hoarder.

Still on the purging mindset, trying this palette made me think twice about giving it up. I really loved the convenience. I really loved the looks. But ultimately I knew I had these shades in my stash.


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