Saturday 6 May 2017

Best Drugstore Mascara (Ft Annabelle Big Show*)

The Annabelle Big Show Mascara* ($10CDN) was an unexpected surprise! This basic plastic tube and pink cap amped up my lashes. What's more it performed much better than the waterproof version, which I had tried previously.

When I received the latest Annabelle Mascaras, I considered passing this on since the waterproof version didn't build or do great things for me. Somehow though, this original version performs much better! Though rated as one of Annabelle's volumizing mascaras, it also gave me really good length. Each stroke built upon the last and I could see additional millimeter of product extending my lashes. 

The $10 price is a perfect amount to pay for this great drugstore option. I recommend this to anyone though the downfall is its waterproof-less properties.  The last additional quality necessary in my mascara's of choice, is the one that strangely makes this version less awesome!

Even so, unless you expect a tear filled day, this is one to keep in mind the next time you're in for a drugstore mascara option.


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