Saturday 15 April 2017

PSA: For When You're Sick

Even with the best of efforts, there is a high chance that I will get sick. Sickness can hit me from nowhere, a big wallop that lands me in bed, snot running out of my sinuses. You're welcome for that image.
Low and behold, a couple weeks ago, I was shaking my fist at the goddamn person was who had infected me with germs. If you find yourself in such a situation, there isn't much to do except wait and sleep. But while you wait, you can use a few items to help ease the pain. These are my top "Jenn is Sick" comforts:

Puffs Plus: There is magic in Puffs Plus tissues and if you haven't tried them yet, you must. My nose gets extremely dried when blowing it 100+ times a day and I will pay the extra premium for these lotioned tissues. I've tried Kleenex with Lotion but they don't compare. Puffs Plus are soft, thick, and don't dry my nose out as quickly or almost at all.

Halls: I like to keep my lungs inside the body with either the honey or eucalyptus Halls. I have no idea why anyone would choose Cherry, the memories of cherry cough syrup are quite enough for me.

Soup and Tea: Staying hydrated is never more important than when you're ill.  Drinking lots of water, warm tea and soup are the ticket during this time. Miso or Doenjjang soup, Super Ginger of Cold 911 David's Tea are on repeat in times of sickness. 

Drugs: I used to forgo taking over the counter meds when I could but there are some colds that can only be fought with the power of the gods, and any little bit of mortal aid is welcomed. 

Carbs: I don't always have an appetite when I'm ill but when I do, I crave carbs. Bread, rice, cereal, sometimes that's all I can keep down or eat. 

I hope you haven't gotten ill lately but if you have, give the Puffs Plus a try and I hope you get better soon!


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