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Testing Out Luxury Hair Products (ft Shu Uemura Art of Hair*)

Shu uemura cleansing oil shampoo essence absolue ample angora review

I'm not always convinced that luxury items are necessarily worth it and I'm not convinced that using oils in my hair is always a good idea. When I've used some hair products with oils, my hair is weighed down and greasy by the end of the day and adding on a luxury price...well, that seems like a risk to me. But testing out some of Shu Uemura Art of Hair products (Cleansing Oil Shampoo - Gentle Radiance Cleanser, Ample Anora Volumizing Light Foam, Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil-in Cream)* has shown me that oils can be done right and that oh hair products can be so nice.

Shu uemura cleansing oil shampoo gentle radiance cleanser review

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo* ($56CDN, 400ml) is supposed to provide radiance with an airy touch. It contains onsen, a Japanese ferment that has purifying values and is paraben and silicon free. It is supposed to leave hair moisturized and volumized while cleansing the hair of impurities without stripping natural oils.

Though incredibly viscous the first ingredient in the shampoo is water and when lathered and rinsed, it becomes instantly airy and foamy. I'm not sure how it does that! Amazing emulsifiers, I imagine. Since it is so thick when pumped, sometimes it is difficult to smooth the shampoo over my hair and I've started using a pump and a half to fully coat my bob. The shampoo has indeed been cleansing without stripping and my hair feels clean and light after use.  Even though it has oil components, the shampoo has not weighed my hair down at all.

Shu uemura essence absolue nourishing oil in cream review

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil-in-Cream* ($69CDN, 150ml) contains camelia oil and helps to prevent and treat dry or frizzy hair. It is supposed to instantly absorb and intensely nourish.

This cream product was again, amazingly lightly when placed on the hair. Even though I tested this during the summer when my hair wasn't that dry, it did not make my hair greasy but instead very smooth, sleek and soft. On top of that, it smells incredible and the scent lasted through the day without being overpowering or too obvious. I can't wait to really use it during the winter. 

Shu uemura ample angora volumizing light foam review

Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Light Foam* ($42CDN, 132g) is supposed to give body and volume to your hair. It is supposed to leave your hair very silky.

Of the three, this product didn't quite work out. Partly I may be to blame since I don't always havea  handle on how to use mousse products but when I applied this onto my damp hair (as directed) it didn't give me much volume. The emitted foam is incredibly light ( do they do it?) and it was easily spread into my hair but I didn't perceive that great of an effect. It leaves your hair silky but that's only if you adequately dispersed the product throughout the hair. If its concentrated in one area, it can result in a light hair product feel.


In general
I think this was the first time I've tried a luxury hair products. I am incredibly amazed by how Shu has developed these into truly light weight products. I love how all of these smell and they do (for the most part) leave your hair feeling product-less, natural, healthy and clean. Of the three, I liked the Foam the least because it didn't give quite the volumizing effect I hoped it would. I'm very excited to use the Nourishing Oil-in-Cream during the winter and am constantly surprised by how well the oil shampoo works. These are luxury items so they do come with a luxury price and again I'm not entirely convinced these are musts. They do feel different from most drugstore options I've used but I've also used some pretty good drugstore options. However, I can see why some of there are the best seller items from the Shu Hair line.

Have you tried luxury hair products?

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