Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Washing my Face Incorrectly

I've been washing my own face for probably a good two decades now and I'm pretty sure I'm a pro-league face washer but I was struck recently by the fact that I might have been doing it wrong all this time. 

I visited a Dermalogica location a few days before my departure from Toronto and during the treatment, my 'skin therapist' talked me through how she was washing my face. Foaming cleansers always feel so stripping and she told me that they're stripping mostly because people tend to apply them incorrectly.

The problem occurs when people not only squeeze more than they need from the tube but also apply the cleanser directly onto their face and scrub harshly with their hands. 

Apparently what you should do is:
- squeeze a minimal amount of product from the tube
- foam the product in your hands by adding a little bit of water and rubbing your hands together
- gently place and spread the foam on your face
- rinse

Less of the cleanser is used and since it is more foamed and diluted, it is also less stripping on your skin but not any less cleansing. Now that I've tried this method, my foaming cleansers have indeed been a lot less stripping on my face, less cleanser residue is left when I rinse and the foam is quite comfortable when applied! Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I still slap the cleanser right onto my face but more and more I'm adopting this method.

Have you been washing your face incorrectly too?


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