Tuesday 4 February 2014

You too, can try Mario Badescu!

If there's nothing I love more, it's getting a chance to sample new products.

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Really, I have to admit that the warm and fuzzy feelings I get from the beauty community extends to the fact that we're all enablers of each other's beauty appreciation. SOOOOOO when Natalie did us all a public service by pointing out that Mario Badescu has a lovely sample service I quickly filled the questionnaire. I've always heard about the companies Drying Lotion but had never experieced the rest of their skin care line.

Sure enough, after filling in the questionnaire, I got a skin analysis of which products would work best for me. I didn't pick up anything full size because nothing really jumped out at me BUT I was send a few sample items a couple of weeks later. Huzzah! What a treat!

 I received:
Strawberry Face Scrub
Special Cucumber Lotion
Seaweed Night Cream
Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15
Orange Tonic Mask
Hyaluronic Eye Cream

I've only tried the scrub, night cream and eye cream so far. 
- The scrub was sort of harsh. I uses strawberry seeds as the exfoliant but it was quite rough and there weren't a lot of seeds distributed throughout the cream. It didn't feel like I was getting an even scrub because of it. 
- The night cream was very smooth when applied and it has slight sweet scent. I felt like it didn't have the thickness that I typically liked in night cream. Strangely it also has a slight shimmer to it...but whatever, you're going to bed. No one will care.
- The hyaluronic eye cream was a bit heavy for my eyes...I ended up using it on my cheeks after and it moisturized ok but nothing special.

So far, no major winners from the things that I was sent but I'm quite happy to have gotten the chance to test them out! I'm pretty curious about how the mask will perform...I should probably get on that and try it out tonight.

Have you tried Badescu? 

Daily Zen: I had the most fun Chinese New Year dinner at a Shanghai-nese restuarant in Markham this past weekend. My friend invited me to basically join in a Vancouver-transplated-to-Toronto CNY dinner of their friends from UBC. We were stuffed with good food and so many laughs :) I hope you're CNY was as much fun as mine.

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